Don't miss your chance to work in promotions for clients such as Macys, Wet Seal, Francescas, Dillards, Belks, and many many more! Promotions is paid work and is available most weekends. It is also great experience for your resume! You MUST be 16 years old or older to work in promotions. Parents are highly encouraged to attend, but talent can attend without a parent if necessary. Only the talent plus parents are allowed in promotions meeting. Because of space restrictions, friends and siblings are not allowed to attend.



Next Promotions Meeting: Saturday, 4/6/2019 @ 6pm

HOW: To work in promotions, you must come to a promotions meeting. It is normally only held once a month. It is held at John Casablancas. At this meeting, you will be trained on how to work in promotions. After you attend the meeting you will be emailed the jobs every week! You will only need to come to the promotions meeting once!

To make a reservation to attend the meeting you must email your name, age, and cell phone number to Max Browne at  to let her know you are coming. PLEASE NOTE: You will likely not receive a response, this is just to let her know a ballpark number of how many people are coming. If you email, you have a reservation.



Employee Paperwork: Go to this website to DOWNLOAD the employee packet:

Direct Deposit Form: Go to this website to DOWNLOAD the direct deposit form:

Identification: You must also bring COPIES of 2 forms of identification. You must have ALREADY MADE A COPY. One form of ID must be a government issued photo id. The other form of ID must be proof of eligibility to work in the United States. Examples: US birth certificate, social security card, US passport, Permanent Resident or Alien Authorization to Work card, etc

Headshot: Please bring a headshot that I can keep.

Parent(s)/Spouse: Parents and/or spouses are welcome and strongly encouraged to attend so that they are up to date with how promotions work is sent/booked/etc. If a parent is not able to attend, the talent is still welcome to attend.

Promotions Work

Seeking Runway Models for Macy’s Prom Runway Show!!

Audition Date: March 9th at 6pm at John Casablancas

Event Date: March 23rd from 1-5pm (Fitting will be within the week before)

Dress Code to Audition: All black professional

Audition is open to both boys and girls between the ages of 14-25

This is a great opportunity to get experience as well as build your resume! To reserve a spot, please email max at to me know you will be attending the audition.

Seeking Talent Scouts and Mannequin Models for Dillards!!!

Location: Brandon Mall

Date: Saturday, March 9th

Mannequin Models:

Seeking 2 Female Mannequin Models Ages 25-40

These models will be modeling clothing by Eileen Fisher!!!

Fitting is at 11am. Shift is from 12pm-4pm. More details will be given when booked!

Talent scouts:

Seeking 2 Talent scouts to work from 11am-4pm

A lot of great opportunities this weekend and next!!! Make sure to submit as soon as you know you are available to be considered!!!

Seeking Talent Scouts for Regal Cinemas!!!

Location: Citrus Park Mall

Friday, March 8th


Seeking 2 talent scouts

Saturday, March 9th


Seeking 2 Talent scouts


Seeking 2 Talent Scouts

Sunday, March 10th


Seeking 2 Talent Scouts

Above are the promotions work available for this weekend. To submit, you will need to send an email to in the following format:

1) Attach a recent picture to the email.

Professional pictures are preferred, but not required. PLEASE NOTE: the picture you

send needs to represent what you would look like if you were booked to work.

2) Use the subject line:

3) Copy, paste and answer the following:

Days and Times Available: