If you have any questions for the MTM Agency Director Bridget O’Brien please feel free to contact her directly Bridget.o@mtmagency.com or you can call her 919-622-1112.

You may contact the owner Jennifer Durazzo at jenjcraleigh@aol.com or on her cell phone 919-522-5148.


You may call The Director of the Tampa John Casablancas 

Skylar Meyer at the Office 813-262-1200 or on her cell phone 919-434-2182 or email her at Skylar.m@jcasablancas.com 



Workshops for Tampa in July

 July 1st (6 to 8pm) Advanced Runway Workshop 

 July 8th (6 to 8pm) Advanced Acting Workshop

 July 27th (4 to 6pm) Advanced Acting Workshop 

Reel Recording: 

There is a $50.00 fee to record your reel. Cash is preferred. Everyone needs a reel on 800 casting. Must be practiced and

ready to record. Reel recording sign-up sheets/payment forms are available at the front desk and are required to be submitted

at the time of your reel shoot. After shooting your reel takes they will be E-mailed to you to download and post on your 800

casting profile for free. For information regarding reel recording please contact the Videographer's:

Molly Ganong & Timmon Buonomo at maksemade@gmail.com