Next Promotions Workshop: Tuesday, March 12th, 6:30-8:30pm


Promotions Director Contact Info:

Dominique Bukovan

518-210-5900 (text)


Don't miss your chance to work in promotions for clients such as Macys, Wet Seal, Francescas, Dillards, Belks, and many many more! Promotions is paid work and is available most weekends. It is also great experience for your resume! You MUST be 16 years old or older to work in promotions and past session 8. Parents are highly encouraged to attend, but talent can attend without a parent if necessary. Only the talent plus parents are allowed in promotions meeting. Because of space restrictions, friends and siblings are not allowed to attend.


HOW: To work in promotions, you must come to a promotions meeting. It is normally only held once a month. It is held at John Casablancas. At this meeting, you will be trained on how to work in promotions. After you attend the meeting you will be eligible to being doing promotional modeling work! You will only need to come to the promotions meeting once!

To make a reservation to attend the meeting you must add your name to the sign-up sheet, which will be located on the casting board.  


Identification: You MUST  also bring 2 forms of identification. You CANNOT work promotions if you do not come with 2 IDs. One form of ID must be a government issued photo id. The other form of ID must be proof of eligibility to work in the United States. Examples: US birth certificate, social security card, US passport, Permanent Resident or Alien Authorization to Work card, etc

Parent(s)/Spouse: Parents and/or spouses are welcome and strongly encouraged to attend so that they are up to date with how promotions work is sent/booked/etc. If a parent is not able to attend, the talent is still welcome to attend.