If you have any questions for the MTM Agency Director Bridget O’Brien please feel free to contact her directly Bridget.o@mtmagency.com or you can call her 919-622-1112.


You may contact the owner Jennifer Durazzo at jenjcraleigh@aol.com or on her cell phone 919-522-5148.



 You may call The Director of the Orlando John Casablancas

Ashley Bush at the Office 407-622-7800 or on her cell phone

919-880-6399 or email her at ashley.b@jcasablancas.com

Please call the Front Desk to schedule a Reservation to attend: 407-622-7800


Advance Make-up July 13th 2-4pm

Please arrive with foundation already applied to your face! Bring all makeup supplies; eyeshadows, contour kits, lip colors, eyebrow pencils, powder, mascara, highlighters, etc. All selections, not just 1 for each. All genders welcome! We will start off with the basics and then venture into detailed cosmetics!

Reel Workshop July 14th 1pm

There is a $50.00 fee to record your reel. Cash is preferred. Everyone needs a reel on 800 casting. Please choose ONE monologue OR commercial to record. If you want to do both, you will be charged twice. Must be practiced, memorized, and ready to record. Reel recording sign-up sheets/payment forms are available at the front desk and are required to be submitted at the time of your reel shoot. After shooting your reel takes, they will be E-mailed to you to download and post on your 800casting profile. For information regarding reel recording please contact the Videographer's: Molly Ganong & Timmon Buonomo at maksemade@gmail.com

Improv 17th 6-8pm

What a nifty part of the industry that is hard to grasp! If you are fans of Will Ferrell and aspire to be like him, majority of his work is Improv. Let’s help with brain exercises to get you ready!

Fashion Workshop 20th 4-6pm

All genders welcome! Let’s figure out how to dress for your body type! So many styles in the world to choose from so let’s figure out what style you would look amazing in! Let’s turn your selection into a statement!

Runway with Ashley 20th 6-8pm

The Director is holding a special runway workshop to perfect all the turns! She doesn’t do this often so TAKE ADVANTAGE and learn from the pro herself!

Commercial/Monologue 23rd 6-8pm

Please come with 1-3 different monologues/commercials that you would like to perfect or critique and let's get these acting roles flowing your way!

Photo Posing 27th 2-4pm

This workshop is designed to help you understand and create new flattering poses that best fit you. Feel confident for your next big photoshoot!! 

Promotions Workshop August 3rd 6pm

Must be 16 y.o. or older to attend. If under the age of 18, you MUST attend with a parent!