If you have any questions for the MTM Agency Director Bridget O’Brien please feel free to contact her directly Bridget.o@mtmagency.com or you can call her 919-622-1112.


You may contact the owner Jennifer Durazzo at jenjcraleigh@aol.com or on her cell phone 919-522-5148.



 You may call The Director of the Orlando John Casablancas

Ashley Bush at the Office 407-622-7800 or on her cell phone

919-880-6399 or email her at ashley.b@jcasablancas.com

Please call the Front Desk to schedule a Reservation to attend: 407-622-7800

April Workshops


Promotions Meeting- April 6th -6pm - Must be 16 y.o. Or older to attend. If under the age of 18, you MUST attend with a parent!


4/9 - 6pm-8pm -Advanced Improv Workshop
(Dress comfortably enough to move around; improve gets exciting!)


4/14 - 2pm - Reel Recording and Preparation Workshop


-You need to have your commercial or monologue memorized and ready to record.

-Please dress professionally in ALL BLACK.

-There is a $50.00 fee to record your reel. Cash is preferred.

-Everyone needs a reel on 800casting.

-After shooting your reel takes, they will be e-mailed to you to download and post on your 800casting profile for free.

-For information regarding reel recording please contact the Videographer's:

Molly Ganong & Timmon Buonomo at maksemade@gmail.com


4/15 - 6pm-8pm - Skincare & Makeup Workshop
(Bring all of your skincare and makeup products. This workshop is open to both men and woman!!! Come with any questions you have. We are here to help!)


4/17 - 6pm-8pm - Commercial & Monologue Workshop
(Commercials & monologues will be provided, but feel free to bring your own to practice.)


4/24 - 6pm-8pm - Fitness Workshop

(Time to lose those Easter bellies! Come dressed in your workout gear and bring a bottle of water!)


4/25 - 6pm-8pm - How to “tell a tale” Workshop

(This workshop is to help everyone become more knowledgeable on how to determine if a listing is valid when coming from outside of our agency MTM

4/30- 6pm-8pm - Complete Runway Workshop

(Make sure you bring your runway shoes and a bottle of water!)

Promotions Meeting- May 4th -6pm - Must be 16 y.o. Or older to attend. If under the age of 18, you MUST attend with a parent!