If you have any questions for the MTM Agency Director Bridget O’Brien please feel free to contact her directly Bridget.o@mtmagency.com or you can call her 919-622-1112.

Agency Review Saturday May 11th 5pm!!!!

Please contact Tristin (770)-671-9700 to make your reservation.

All workshops are held at the JC center in Atlanta, these workshops Advance your Skills even more.

Saturday March 1st

Improv Acting workshop 12pm - 2 pm

Acting Workshop 3pm - 5pm

Saturday March 9th

Makeup Workshop 12pm - 2pm

Makeup Workshop 3pm - 5pm

Saturday March 16th

Runway Workshop 12pm - 2 pm

Photographer Workshop 3pm - 5 pm

Saturday March 23rd

Photographer Workshop 12pm - 2pm

Acting Workshop 3pm - 5pm

Saturday March 30th

Acting Workshop 12pm - 2pm

Improv Acting Workshop 3pm - 5 pm

Graduation Dates !!!!!

Graduation Rehearsal March 10th 2pm - 5 pm

Graduation March 17th 2pm - 4 pm

Graduation Starts at 4 pm - 6 pm